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  1. At the end of 5th season 007 died, and we don't kwow what about izzy,she had a cardiac arrest and the episode ends on that.

  2. I just finish the last episode ,oh my fucking godddd ! I'm crying so much !! It's so sad ! It the best episode I had ever seen in my lifee ! Izzie and George died !! They were so beautiful in the lift ,Izzie with her prom dress and George with a soldier uniform
    I don't want that for this last episode :(

    Do you think ,that they are really dead ? or in the season 6 one of them ,Izzie or George gonna wake up ? because they didn't really say IZZIE IS DEAD or GEORGE IS DEAS ! We just see ,that all the doctors tried so hard to save them

    I really love ' OH MY GOD ! IT'S GEORGE" !
    So sad ,really :(

  3. we dont know there both dead, if there were both dead they would be both on the elevator, this only one for them going up!!!

  4. the 24th episode is it the last one ?? really???

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